Automated Face Mask Detection

Face Masks are, even the cheaper ones, a fundamental tool in avoiding out-spreading of droplets included in your breathe, thus slowing down the COVID19 diffusion. In Lombardy (Italy), as we entered phase 2, they are now mandatory in public spaces.

But here’s the theme. Sunday morning I went for a walk and I noticed that about 5-10% of people were not wearing the mask. The same happened at the supermarket: I saw a woman in her 30s, entering unnoticed without a mask and also many store clerks not wearing one. So I was thinking, could I use AI and Machine Learning to detect people not wearing masks? And guess what? AI-based, Automated Mask Detection scripts are already freely available under open-source license, to ensure and enforce mask compliance, and avoid further spreading of the COVID19 disease.

You can use and adapt these scripts to automatically people entering a store, an office or a public space without wearing masks. A small step of transformation, a big step for containing the COVID-19

Marcello Del Bono is coaching and leading Agile Teams, supporting Transformation programs. He has multi-year experience as a Product Owner, Scrum Master and Agile Coach in e-commerce, IT, Marketing and Decision Support Systems in Media, Telco, Finance, Fashion industries.

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