Business Agility Report 2020


The Business Agility Report 2020 is out.

The report is showing overall an 8% increase on business agility between respondants in Europe, Africa, North/South America, Asia

The main accelerator for the transformation has come from COVID-19, that acted as a burning platform for change. Improving business agility has proven to be an effective response to the challenges of Coronavirus. Surprisingly, only North America showed an anti-pattern, with business agility decreased 10% in USA. The explication of this trend is still to be found, and could maybe be related to the peculiar way coronavirus pandemic has been communicated and managed in USA.

COVID-19 has been the main force impacting transformation to agility: organizations that were already working in self-organizing teams found relatively easy to switch to remote working, while more traditional organizations struggled.

So, while the majority of organizations is still practising 20th century management, there is a significant portion of the the business world, start-up to corporate, that moves and continues its journey to business agility as a mean to respond to change, improve customer and employee satisfaction, time to market and overall market success. Enjoy the report.

Business Agility Journey – Source: The Business Agility Report 2020