Business Value of QR Code Technology

QR Code

QR Code Business Value

Today the QR Code technology has become Mainstream.

In 1994 Denso Wave, a Toyota supplier, created the QR Code with the aim of tracking the movement of semi-finished products and stocks. The original use has gradually disappeared with the advent of RFID and Denso Wave has therefore released the QR Code in the form of a free license.

As often happens, the availability of technology in Open Innovation mode has given way to a series of approaches whose common value is to bring the physical world closer to the digital one, bringing the wealth of information and the potential of digital analysis in the physical world.

How does it work? Just pointing the QR Code with a smartphone camera, you are sent back to websites, or you could trigger checkin / checkout events or even start augmented reality experiences.

Potential for the digital transformation of organizations and communities is enormous.

Take, for instance, all the times you have been disappointed when in front of artworks, monuments, architectural elements you had no information to understand what you were seeing. Today, any Italian town, any country or city in the world can easily enrich the experience of citizens and tourists at no cost simply by adding, alongside a painting, a street or a house, a QR Code which refers to the relevant wikipedia page.

Or, companies and organizations can use QR codes to check in / check out visitors and meeting rooms, document processes starting from specific physical locations, monitor and analyze participation in physical events, enrich product packaging, make online payments, etc.

How to generate QR Codes

This section is for your inner Geek. Let’s imagine the following user story:
A) as a spectator of a Ted Talk,
B) I want to go to the speaker site without having to type the URL on the smartphone,
C) in order to get to the site quickly and without errors

With Python you can use the qrcode package to create and manipulate QR Codes. THe QR code code generated can send you back to the requested site. Here is how I created the QR code on this page, with the link to my website.

# advanced version, with data, link and other parameters
# it's not very clear what the ERROR_CORRECT parameter is doing 
# but I use it as suggested in the documentation
# you can leave it out, tough

import qrcode

qr = qrcode.QRCode(

img = qr.make_image(fill_color="green", back_color="yellow")'marcellodelbono_colors.png')

And here is the QR Code obtained. I am not goin’ to win the Compasso d’oro for the best Design, but this is not a problem of the QR Code 🙂