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Agile organizations should act like jazz combos

Since its start, jazz has been characterized by improvisation. Jazz musicians learned to rely on the essential elements of a song only. They constantly play variations on the main theme, listening to ideas from other players and reacting to them, in order to create exciting and moving music. In a VUCA world, Agile teams and …

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Scrum Guide 2020 is out

A new update to the Scrum Guide has just been released today, as we celebrate Scrum’s 25th anniversary. What’s changed? Here’s my spur of the moment list of major changes: Now two goals, the new product goal and the sprint goal, are included to provide focus towards a larger objective. The product goal (not included …

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Aristotle, Agility and Sustainability

In all things which have a plurality of parts, and which are not a total aggregate but a whole of some sort distinct from the parts, there is some cause.  Aristotle, Metaphysics 8.6 [1045a] A short history of profit in western culture The concept of profit has been part of western culture, in different forms,  since the origins …

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Business Agility Report 2020

The Business Agility Report 2020 is out. The report is showing overall an 8% increase on business agility between respondants in Europe, Africa, North/South America, Asia The main accelerator for the transformation has come from COVID-19, that acted as a burning platform for change. Improving business agility has proven to be an effective response to …

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Is your organization aligned?

Is your Organization marching in the direction of your Transformation effort? Here’s a quick way to check it out. Detecting the (lack of) alignment A Transformation strategy is intended to create value via important changes in the way people, process and technology behave and interact. However, the creation of additional value is only possible when …

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Six hats for your retrospective meeting

If your retrospective meetings are boring and ineffective, use the six thinking hats  for putting the retros back on the right track. The retrospective meeting Retro Meetings are the heart and soul of Teams Agility. The Agile Manifesto says, principle #12: At regular intervals, the team reflects on howto become more effective, then tunes and …

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