Flow, Lean, Agile

High-Performance organizations optimize the Flow of Value by creating and applying a system of patterns from lean, agile, scrum, and kanban in an agnostic way.

unFIX model

Agile at Scale 3.0 – The unFIX model

During the past 20 years, we have seen many frameworks for scaling agility from the team level to the overall business. SAFe, LeSS, Spotify, Holocracy, Nexus, Scrum@Scale… you name it. Every model has a different focal point, some are similar and some complement each other, in a crowdy scenario. The new conceptualization from Jurgen Appelo, …

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Agile organizations should act like jazz combos

Since its start, jazz has been characterized by improvisation. Jazz musicians learned to rely on the essential elements of a song only. They constantly play variations on the main theme, listening to ideas from other players and reacting to them, in order to create exciting and moving music. In a VUCA world, modern, agile organizations …

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Aristotle, Agility and Sustainability

In all things which have a plurality of parts, and which are not a total aggregate but a whole of some sort distinct from the parts, there is some cause.  Aristotle, Metaphysics 8.6 [1045a] A short history of profit in western culture The concept of profit has been part of western culture, in different forms,  since the origins …

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Business Agility Report 2020

The Business Agility Report 2020 is out. The report is showing overall an 8% increase on business agility between respondants in Europe, Africa, North/South America, Asia The main accelerator for the transformation has come from COVID-19, that acted as a burning platform for change. Improving business agility has proven to be an effective response to …

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Is your organization aligned?

Is your Organization marching in the direction of your Transformation effort? Here’s a quick way to check it out. Detecting the (lack of) alignment A Transformation strategy is intended to create value via important changes in the way people, process and technology behave and interact. However, the creation of additional value is only possible when …

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