DeepFake Tom Cruise


High-Quality deepfake like the one in the video below, with a fake Tom Cruise (from the TikTok account @deeptomcruise), are easily created in few minutes, with just a basic programming knowledge and publicly available tools. We should all be aware of the existence of the deepfake technologies and their availability to the general public. It’s a real threat to cybersecurity, transparency of communication and democracy overall, with the real potential for increasing the actual fake news/disinformation trend by an order of magnitude.

How do we cope with that? Possible solutions are the diffusion and impementation in private and public systems -like social media- of technologies for deepfake detecting, improved critical and logical abilities from the general audiences, an updated legislative system and improved capabilities for having it respected.

These are the responsibilities of political leaders, but we also share them, and we should be committed to improve our understanding of technology and its impact on the society, and do our best to use our improved understanding to make a better world.