Do we need sustainable development?

And, first of all, what is sustainable development? According to Jeffrey Sachs, Sustainable Development is an Analytical and Normative Concept. “It is both a way of understanding the world and a method for solving global problems”.

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The world faces a complex web of challenges – from persistent poverty and climate change to ongoing conflicts, deepening inequalities, a growing population, and increasing droughts and famines.

This is where the concept of sustainable development comes in. It’s a global effort to address these interconnected issues and build a world that’s equitable, prosperous, and sustainable for the future. It’s also a combined effort of individuals, communities, businesses, and governments working together. Each of us has a role to play, and the actions we take, however small, can contribute to a larger movement.

Underpinning this effort are, of course, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of specific targets adopted by world leaders to guide our collective progress. Understanding how to achieve these goals is crucial for success.

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These days, I’m reading ‘The Age of Sustainable Development’ by Jeffrey Sachs and taking notes from both the book and the companion course on Coursera. I will publish the notes here as I clarify my ideas. 🙂