EU-27 Electricity Production

Today, 7 Apr 2021, is World Health Day, and unfortunately, we are still in the midst of the worst pandemic since the bubonic plague -the black death- that struck Europe and Asia in the mid-1300s.

Thus, I would like to share at least a good news: in 2020 renewables overtook fossil fuels and became the EU’s main source of electricity for the first time.

Coal, Gas, and Nuclear Generation fell in almost every country, and now Europe’s electricity is 29% cleaner than in 2015.

Alas, that’s not enough. Renewables rise is still by far too slow: its growth needs to triple to reach Europe 2030 green deal target.

Let’s do not despair, though. Europeans, especially the youngsters, are getting more and more attentive to the systemic impacts of our behaviors. Let’s all do our part, and we can work it out!