Vacation time is reading time

Holidays time? Are you involved in Digital Transformation and looking for reading suggestions? Here is my reading list for the coming vacations.

Lean Inception

The Inception idea (a goal-alignment kick-off) is a bit incoherent with Scrum: indeed, Scrum does not include phase zeros or pre-sprint phases. Nonetheless, sometimes it can be useful to go for an up-front short exploration step to align and communicate goals and vision. The book provides an Agile approach for the Kick-off workshop.

The Nexus Framework for scaling Scrum

Nexus is the most recent and “light” approach for scaling Scrum. Designed by Ken Schwaber, it could become the de facto standard for a truly agile scaling process. In addition to the framework, the book describes its application in a complex context.

AI Superpowers. China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order

How China is using its competitive advantage to become the world leader in AI. A point of view from Kai Fu Lee, an expert and global protagonist in the Artificial Intelligence field, formerly Microsoft and Google Executive and today a Beijing-based Venture Capitalist.

Ringtone. Exploring the Rise and Fall of Nokia Mobile Phones

Nokia has gone from being no. 1 worldwide in Mobile Devices sales, to the loss of 90% of its market value in just seven years (!), in the years between 2006 and 2013. Yves Doz, professor of Strategic management and Innovation at Insead, explains how this could have happened.

Prediction Machines. The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence

Three economists re-interpreting AI as a low-cost predictions tool, describing its related economics and the enormous potential in Strategy, Decision Making and in the transformation of the society overall.

Blockchain Revolution: How Technology Behind Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies is changing the world

Blockchain Technology is going to have a huge impact on Supply Chains, IOT, Finance, and Trust and Security for the years to come. The book explains founding mechanisms, use cases and new business models facilitated by the blockchain and the potential it has to change the Internet and our lives.