I asked ChatGPT about Tameflow (and myself)

Yes, me too. Could not resist it, I gave in to the almighty God of AI, ChatGPT.

First I asked about Tameflow

I first asked ChatGPT about Tameflow, the high-performance organization management approach. After that, tempted, I asked it about myself. The response was amazing, in both cases, even tough I spotted some problems with it πŸ™‚

Fig. 1 ChatGPT answering about Tameflow

Tameflow answer reported above was not a bad summary, with a few small things to clear up. Specifically, I noticed:

  • Tameflow is based on patterns. That is not even mentioned by ChatGPT
  • It says that Tameflow is a software development approach (hum…) , but later says “it has been applied in many different contexts”. So make up your mind ChatGPT πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I am impressed, that’s a product still in its infancy, already performing better than many content curators.

Second, I asked ChatGPT about myself

I then asked ChatGPT about myself, and here the answer really surprised me. It states that “Marcello Del Bono is the founder of two successful companies: B Interactive, a mobile advertising agency that was acquired by Japanese digital marketing firm CyberAgent, and Mobango, a mobile content distribution platform”. I worked a lot on the digital media space, but I am quite sure I did not found B-Interactive and Mobango. I also have never heard about a homonym founder of the mentioned startups. Hence, I fact-checked for more info but found no confirmation of any kind, so it seems that, here, ChatGPT was totally wrong. We still have some time left before machines will dominate humanity πŸ™‚

Fig. 2 – ChatGPT apologizing for the mistake

But here’s the amazing. I told ChatGPT it was wrong. It apologized, accepted the feedback, (I guess it fact-checked, too) and corrected the information. That impressed me even more.

On a side note. I really felt like I was having a conversation with a sentient being, so I was tempted to use him/her when referring to ChatGPT. Maybe our grandparents had the same feeling when they first started listening and talking about radio and radio programs?

Anyway, I am really amazed by the capabilities, I think AI will greatly disrupt our lives and way of working, starting from now πŸ™‚ 

What do you think about it?