Marcello Del Bono

I live between Milan and Modena (ITA). I started my career designing and developing Decision Support Systems in Coopers & Lybrand, one of the biggest consultancies at the time. Over the years I held positions as a Business and Product Owner, Agile Coach, Marketing Manager, Scrum Master, Project Manager. Those different perspectives made me understand the importance of the tradeoffs between agility and leverage, short term and sustainability, core capabilities, and disruptive models.

I am an experienced Agile Coach and Scrum Master, graduated from Università Statale di Milano in Politics with specialization in Economy. I also gained my MBA Master of Business Administration from SDA Bocconi. I have led Initiatives in Packaging, Food, Media, Fashion, Telco industries.

My areas of expertise are Lean and Agile Product Development, Green Economy, Transformation and Innovation. A former (amateur) triathlete and jazz drummer, I still love to swim/bike/run and playing music.

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You can contact me through my Linkedin page