The biggest Start-Up on the planet

Steve Jobs: “Apple is an incredibly collaborative environment” “Do You know how many committees, we have in Apple?” “Zero, we have no committees” “We are organized like a start-up, Apple is the biggest start-up on the planet” “We’re great at figuring out how to divide things up into these great teams we have” I am […]

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I asked ChatGPT about Tameflow (and myself)

Yes, me too. Could not resist it, I gave in to the almighty God of AI, ChatGPT. First I asked about Tameflow I first asked ChatGPT about Tameflow, the high-performance organization management approach. After that, tempted, I asked it about myself. The response was amazing, in both cases, even tough I spotted some problems with

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The Presentation Canvas

Tired of messy, unfocused presentations? Within my teams, I often see team members struggle with presentation skills. Good communication and presentation skills are rarely seen in tech-oriented people, and when they are there, they are often the result of individual attitude and craftsmanship, rather than outcomes of a structured system. And things are getting worse

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Test your story points estimates with real data

From velocity to throughput in scrum teams.

I used velocity as a metric for planning and forecasting in agile teams for many years, before switching to throughput and cycle time. Should you switch too? What is velocity? Velocity is an efficiency measure widely used within the Scrum practitioner community. It’s not by itself formally part of Scrum, nonetheless, velocity it’s a fairly

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Rumsfeld Matrix

Do we know what we do not know?

The fast pace of change creates unpredictability and makes it harder to accomplish the mission of satisfying stakeholders. And indeed, organizations must deal with established and new competitors, shortening cycle times, the furious pace of innovation, and socio-economical and geo-political profound transformations. In such a deeply changing environment, it’s getting harder and harder to predict

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