Solving Climate Change

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.
— Mark Twain

In these days, Italy, and particularly Emilia Romagna, has been shaken by the worst flood in recent memory. It’s a tragedy, resulting in casualties, thousands of displaced individuals, and billions of euros in damages.

While climate change is undeniably the primary culprit, there are malicious accomplices contributing to this and other disasters that we have witnessed and will continue to witness in the foreseeable future. On one hand, it’s the neglect and lack of maintenance of our territories, and on the other hand, it’s our failure as individuals to actively seek information and educate ourselves.

We now have a really good chance to empower ourselves and take proactive steps to gain insights and a solid vision. I am currently reading “Solving Climate Change: A guide for learners and leaders” by J. Koomey and J. Monroe. This remarkable book delves into the issue of climate change from a systemic perspective, aiming to transcend the current impasse by focusing on three institutional pillars: aligning incentives, mobilizing financial resources, and countering propaganda through transparency.

More upcoming posts while I delve deeper into the book’s content in the near future 🙂

Although the book carries a significant price tag of nearly 100 euros, the authors themselves have generously made it available for free at this link until Sunday, May 21, 2023. Don’t miss out on the opportunity 🙂

And if you truly want to delve even deeper, on a solid scientific basis, here’s the IPCC AR6 report.